Learning To Inspire Others

How To Become A Great Mentor or Leader

By Habib Wicks, PEERtrainer Co-Founder
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Get Attention First

Learn to get people's attention first. Unless they are listening, there is little point to communication. An online peer mentoring system like PEERtrainer is ideal for this, because you can say something in a probing manner and then the comment sits out there in the screen.

People can't get around it and you have a little more margin of error. Asking a lot of questions before giving any advice is generally a great start. It will get them to respond, and do so that might trigger some helpful emotions. You can then start to identify their triggers. You may find people want to talk about the negative stuff, things that you can then use as reasons to do something.

Find The Motivation And Provide Inspiration

After you have their attention, then you can focus on a desire to act. And these are two distinctly different things. The negative stuff gets people's attention, but people tend to go for positive goals. This is where motivational skill comes in. People don't take new actions just to be healthy.

But they might to fit into a pair of old jeans, to look hot for a guy or girl, to make more money. Yes, the changes you help them make might extend their life twenty years and improve the quality of it massively. But has to be connected to the stuff that taps into their burning desires.

Stories work to provide motivation incredibly well. Your personal journey of success on PEERtrainer, in all its gory detail will most likely inspire in a very effective manner. People can relate to it as long as you are like them.

This is the Weight Watchers group leader model. Most of their leaders have been successful on the WW program, and as a result have a huge amount of authority to lead and be listened to. Never underestimate how the smallest success can be inspiring to others.

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