Learning To Inspire Others

How To Become A Great Mentor or Leader

By Habib Wicks, PEERtrainer Co-Founder
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Reinforce With Motivation and Support

After the motivation kicks in, and goals have been identified, now comes the really hard work! You have to successfully keep people going and on track. This is finally the part where reason kicks in, where people will listen to well reasoned suggestions that reinforce the mission and evolving personal narrative.

Remember to keep in mind that you are helping change not just someone's habits, you are changing many surrounding and related behaviors. This is a potentially very powerful and important role you are playing in someone's life. You need to communicate to someone their potential, and do so in a manner that they can really begin to visualize it. Getting someone to believe in their potential, their worth and their voice in a clear and sustainable manner is the height of leadership.

It is likely that this is a tough approach to grasp at first because it inverts our traditional sense of structure and hierarchy, especially the part of using logic and reason as the last step of the communication process.

People naturally resist forms of authority, but they are very open to a peer to peer framework or one where they truly feel listened to in a coopertative and communicative manner. Even people at the top of small or large organizations can embrace this approach. The great ones usually do. 

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