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sunpatch before and after

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'sunpatch', omaha, NE, 
PT member since 2006

"I needed a group of people who could support me and that also needed my support, and that’s when I found peertrainer."

I started ‘dieting’ in February of 2006 and a friend referred me to peertrainer for additional support in May of 2006. Now I put ‘dieting’ in parenthesis because this is the traditional term we use when someone wants to lose weight but from day 1.  I knew I didn’t want this to be....more>

success story

'explorer', PT member since 5.07

After a lifetime of sugar binges and sometimes other binges, and the resultant weight gain-diet-weight gain cycle, I decided this time would be different...more>

success story

'mrslarsen', PT member since 2.08

My journey has been long and the road has been rough but I am proof that if you have the will you truly have a way!!
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