How To Decide If Curves Is Right For You

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Curves has grown into a key resource to help women in the US get fit and lose weight. It offers a structured 30 minute workout format. And only women can join the gym. Many PEERtrainer members are also members of Curves, have gone to Curves. So we examined their specific feedback to help you determine if Curves is right for you.

Each of the subject headers below links out to a much broader discussion within PEERtrainer. The short answer to the question posed is this: It really depends on one's personal needs and motivation. If you like structure, need added motivation, like the women only aspect, want a safe and friendly environment, it is probably a fit. If you are truly self directed and like working out at home, or if you need greater variety and challenge it might not be that great of a fit.

We also get the sense that there is some variation in the trainers from location to location, and there also are some different "cultural" variances in terms of music played and some other things.

One thing to keep in mind in reading this kind of feedback is that businesses like Curves are fast growing and are continually refining their offering. If there is common weakness that is highlighted, and the company corrects it, we will be sure to highlight it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that exercise only one of the components needed to burn fat successfully. You need to also reduce your sugar, increase your vegetables and really start to cleanse your body. As you start to cleanse your body, you'll find that the times exercise that Curves provides can really help you in this overall process.

Discussion 1: Join Curves Or Buy A Treadmill?

"The question is your motivation. Do you have the motivation to always have to spend 30 minutes a day going to and from Curves? Sometimes getting there can be an easy excuse for not going (personal experience- but I wasn't really motivated at that time of my life). It would be great if Curves can offer you a "try-it-before-you-buy-it" option. Sometimes they run specials with great options like that. Personally, I find that joining a fitness club works best for me. I stay motivated by seeing other people reaching goals, working hard, learning new techniques and deriving support. Best of luck to you!"

"I work out at Curves now. What I like about it is I walk in, start the circuit and i don't have to think about what to do next, or if the machines are busy, etc. And I get an overall body workout, not just cardio. You can walk outside. You'll like Curves."

"I am two weeks away from my one year anniversary with my treadmill and I have certainly got my money's worth. I get up in the morning with my bed head, pull on my old cruddy shorts and Tshirt and hop on. I can vary the intensity by changing the speed and elevation. 3 times a week I do some strength training with a barbell set. Then I shower and get ready for work. No traveltime, no fancy workout clothes, no excuses!"

"A circuit-type resistance program like Curves is fun, but I know one needs a bit more to get fit. But if you're like me and skip weight training a lot ( bad me) this is a good way to fit it in. And they always seem to offer a free trial visit - give it a try!"

Discussion 2: Is Curves A Good Place For Strength Training?

"I joined Aug. 11 of this year and love it. As far as strength training...I would say yes to someone who has reached goal weight. Since I have started Curves there is a noticeable difference in the way my arms, legs, and waist look. They recommend 3 days a week...I go on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Give myself a day. There are women of all different sizes, shapes, and ages that go. At my Curves there is a young girl...late teens early 20's. Great shape, skinny but she is there 3 days a week. She can go circles around me! My advice is to go talk to them. They have different programs to meet the individual need of each person. Tell them what you are wanting and they most likely have a program to fit your need. "

"The timed nature of the machines makes it almost impossible to get the right kind of resistance in the right range of motion. It might be a good starting point if you're just beginning, but otherwise I'd suggest going to a conventional gym"

Discussion 3: What Sorts Of Results Should I Expect?

"I just joined Curves 2 weeks ago, so I cannot yet comment on results other than my improved heart rate. I joined because a new location opened just 2 minutes from where I live and the hours fit my schedule - the convenience beats any other considerations. I gained new respect for the workout when I looked up the calories burned in 30 minutes by some of my favorite workouts - here's a quick list:
--Curves, all exercises in standard circuit, 30 minutes, 290 calories.
--Karate, 30 min, 337 calories.
--Shopping(!), average, including both standing & walking), 30 min, 51 calories
--Walking, 3.5 mph, uphill setting on treadmill, 30 min, 196 calories
--Weightlifting, Nautilus, universal or free weights, intense, 30 min, 196 calories"

"A doctor recommended to my mother to join Curves after going through breast cancer. She loves it. She stated that she might not be losing much weight, but she does feel better about herself. "

"I went to Curves for a short time during college. While I didn't think the workout was for me (I got bored quickly), if I remember correctly, it IS possible to vary the resistance on the machines. If you give the machine a harder "thrust", the air compresses differently and increases the resistance. That's what I would do, and it definitely made a difference. It's as if you were using more weight (if they were weight machines). And as long as your keeping your heart rate at your target zone, any workout, no matter how simple it seems, will produce results when combined with healthy diet. I would recommend it for people who aren't used to much activity. It's a great way to get started. I wouldn't recommend it for athletes, current or former, or anyone who's used to frequent/strenuous activity."

"I have been going to curves for over a year now. i'm 33 and in good shape. you need to be a self starter to get a good workout. every time i go i really pump the machines and work up a sweat. there are others around me who will never see results because they are too busy being lazy and talking to others. i now enjoy being able to see defined muscle tone in areas that were once flabby. i have witnessed others who have had great luck with the program. some have made it into the local newspaper. for those who are active in Curves ask yourself if you are really pushing as hard as you can."

"The Curves concept is a good one, unfortunately they people who run it aren't required to be certified in anything that has to do with fitness. They get the same instruction as they give. Which is very different depending on which one you go to. I joined for a year and did lose 18 pounds. I was able to get my heart rate up and noticed I was usually the only one who sweated and didn't "chat". I think you can really get something out of it if you put the effort into it and really push yourself. I think you really have to concentrate on form with Curves. I ended up really screwing up my back and had to see a PT. He told me the amount of people who came to see him after going to Curves was amazing. At the time he was seeing a dozen people with problems from Curves. At the time I was 35 and 30 pounds overweight."

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