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Sunday, March 24 
tweaknee's daily log

 Last posted Mon. Jan 16, 1:35am

Need to lose 10 lbs that I put on over the past rough year and a half. Lots of stress and now I'm in a job I don't really like, seeking to change but at least I have health insurance. I"m in 5'3" close to goal gals, Rockin Bod, Over Fifty, & was in Christian Women Unite!

my notes

Snowboarding 4 hours or so

Grapefruit, green tea, red potato, vegetable juice (fresh)

Apple coconut bar

Banana Flaxseed bar
Rice sesame crisps from Trader Joes (about 10)

Energy Soup (Magic Fridge)
1 chicken leg
yellow zuccini squash
1/2 cup blueberries
chamomille tea

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