Find Your Workout Style And Succeed

Workout Tips to Help You Get and Stay on Track

by PEERtrainer Health and Fitness Team

Having trouble with consistently doing your workouts? Do you have to force yourself to workout on a regular schedule?  Or maybe you give yourself excuses such as not having enough time or just too tired and overwhelmed to workout.  FInding your own personal workout style will help you get motivated and may even help you become addicted.  But how do you find your "workout style"?  Read on to learn how to customize your exercise plan into your personal cardio machine.

The health benefits of sticking to a regular workout schedule are unquestionable but  as you review the list below you may find a few benefits you didn’t know about.  With so many positive influences of working out on a regular basis you can see why it is crucial to exercise regularly.    

•    Increases energy.
•    Helps reduce blood pressure.
•    Helps improve stamina and endurance.
•    Helps you get toned.
•    Helps improve your emotional state.
•    Helps with weight maintenance.

Most workout routines are based upon four basic workout types: 1) Muscle Building 2) Toning, 3) Weight Loss and 4) Cross Training.  While these are the basic types of workouts there are hundreds of variations that you can mix and match to help you get tone and get in shape.   
Below are the 3 workout tips that will help you find your workout style and succeed:

Find the mixture and methods that best suit your goals. 
  For example, a goal to build muscles requires a different workout structure than if you only want to tone or to lose weight.   If you want your workout to be a total health routine, the cross training structure combines aerobic exercise with weight training.  Make sure you understand the best methods to use for the results you want.  Seeing results you want is a great motivator for continuing to workout regularly.  Most gyms or a personal trainer can help you learn more about the specific methods.  

Time your workouts to meet your peak energy. 
  Different people have different energy levels at various times throughout the day.  The key is to match your preferences with the time of day you’re most alert.  For some early morning before work is a favorite.  For others late afternoon or early evening is their prime activity time.   For example, if you are not a morning person, and have trouble getting to work on time, chances are that choosing to exercise before work won’t be your best choice.

Choose the best location for your workouts.  Many people think they can’t workout at home because they don’t have enough space.  For most people, this is a myth.  Even in a small apartment there is sufficient space to use free weights and running in place.  You’ll be surprised at how much you can actually get in a small space if a home workout suits you best.   Working out at home can save time.  There’s no driving back and forth to the gym. You don’t have to wait if a machine is busy. You can also break your total routine down into smaller sections of time and still receive the same results.   Others may prefer the atmosphere of a gym.  Different machines are available, there are no interruptions, and you can usually find a staff member or even get your own personal fitness trainer to help you if you need assistance with using the equipment.

Results can be the same…yet it is very important to make sure you choose the location that helps you stay committed to consistent workouts.  Choosing your workout structures, timing, and location goes a long way to removing obstacles that prevent regular workouts.