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by PEERtrainer health and fitness team

Working out is the key ingredient to your overall health and fitness plan but for most, getting started is challenging. How do you push past the excuses and make working out a daily habit? Easy. Incorporate small changes into your daily routine and suddenly, you've had a 30 minute workout without even trying! Start by creating short bursts of cardio and strength building throughout your day. Take the steps instead of the escalator. Carry the bags of groceries to the far spot in the parking lot instead of pushing them in the cart. Take a walk to the other side of the office instead of sending an email. Studies show that you don't have to get the whole 30 minutes in at one time to enjoy the benefits of oxygen moving through your system. 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there adds up over the course of the day. If you're having trouble getting to the gym, commit to 5 minutes. Usually the tough part of working out is just getting there; once you're there, you'll usually finish your entire workout. Sometimes the tough part is finding the time. Perhaps your Husband Is Not Happy with your workout schedule? Instead of finding an excuse not to go, find an excuse to go. Would you live with the pain of discipline or the pain of regret?

Perhaps you don't like the gym; many of us don't! Think back to your childhood and remember what physical activities you enjoyed the most. Maybe you liked to swim all day long? Did you like dancing or four square? Picking back up on a childhood activity can bring back great memories and be great for your heart. If you were sedentary and are having trouble thinking of anything that you liked (because you didn't like anything!), the Absolute Best Activity to start is walking. You only need shoes and some time. Make a 15 minute walking date with yourself or with a friend. Walking is so convenient, easy on the joints and gives you some time to think and process the thoughts of the day undisturbed.

Don't like the gym because it's too expensive or inconvenient or you generally just feel self conscious about your body? It's extraordinary how many other options now exist. Fit TV has all day fitness programming that makes it as easy as turning on your TV and moving your coffee table to get 30 minutes in. Are you a stay at home mom? Now there are fitness classes that are designed for you and your baby; you can take them with you!

Whatever you choose, here are the must have tips to getting started:

  • • Commit To An Activity. The activity of choice is up to you but you must commit to something. Carve out time during your week and make an appointment with yourself that you must keep.
  • • Buy Workout Clothes That You Like. You only need Workout Clothes that are comfortable and it feels good to put on highly cushioned sneakers. Have a few outfits that you look forward to wearing and store them in a convenient and accessible place. Being able to quickly get dressed and ready to workout is a must.
  • • Wear A Headband. You must have a sport headband. The Scunii ones available at a local drugstore come 5 in a pack. They're inexpensive and have a great impact on your comfort.
  • • Invest In An All Around Cross-Trainer. Go to a top-notch shoe store and be sure to take the time to get a perfect fit. Make sure you like them a lot; you'll find yourself wearing them frequently.
  • • Buy an MP3 player. Find Good Workout Songs and build tracks that will motivate you.
  • • Be Kind To Yourself. If you haven't worked out in a long time, or if ever, it might be slow going at first. Keep track of your progress and you will see yourself improve. Repetition is the mother of skill and you will become a confident and successful athlete.
What if you just don't like working out, no matter what you've tried and you've decided that working out is just not for you? That's not an option anymore. There are plenty of things that you have to do in life that you don't like, but you have to do it anyway because of the result. Just commit to 5 minutes, just for the day and develop the habit. You actually might start to like it.

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