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I am Anna Nelson has been working as an advisor for women’s health for seven years. I completed my education, specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Now I am working not only as a writer for the medical website called that deals with abortion pills and contraceptives, but also as an advisor for women having unwanted pregnancy issues. Penning down passionate articles defending women’s rights and guidelines for safely terminating early pregnancy has become my passion as well as work.

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5'9" 72 kg 33/F

I am a young 60 year old lady, who founded a 501c3 nonprofit to benefit homeless pets. I live in L. A.

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A mom of 2 boys.

I am a 24 year old Hair Stylist. I live in Louisiana and am happily married with 3 beautiful dogs!

I sit at a computer all day and ma generally lazy. I like Pilates and Swimming but don't go just for myself. I have to have a commitment to make it. Just started carb cycling diet and planet fitness for exercise

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I have struggled with my weight all my life! I'm 38 and the health issues started to appear like gastritis, an injured knee (turns out there's edema), depression

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I hit the big 5-0 in about 6 weeks! I had a goal to lose 50 pounds by then, won't hit that goal, but will keep going.

 Indianapolis 500, Indy 500.

I will be 60 in July.Ugh! I weigh 185 now. I am a nurse with a 5-day-a-week-supervisory job. I am so sluggish bcse of my weight and I tire so easily. I HATE salads-help! I find it very hard to move (walk/run) and exercise (free/weights).

32 Y/O with two young kids and busy job. Trying to lose weight to improve health and feel better.

Turned 50 this year, love to exercise, but love to eat!

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Hi everyone, My name is Daniela, I am from Croatia, 31 years old, I run a small software company. Working from home and changing my environment I have gained about 17kg/ 37.5 lbs over 3 years. I believe it is result of constant snacking while working, plus lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle. Last year I have lost & regained around 17 pounds. I hope to be smarter this time :) I would really, really want to set up good eating habits that I could pass to my (future) kids one day.

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