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For anyone who loves food but wants to lose weight without their brain objecting, the Cheat System Diet is for you.

–Srini Pillay, MD
Harvard Medical School

About The Cheat System Diet

-Do you know a great deal about losing weight and staying fit, but are having a hard time following through?

-Do you feel like you are doing everything right, but not losing the weight you want?

The Cheat System Diet works because it acknowledges that a certain amount of "cheating" when you eat is normal, and gives you a plan do to this the RIGHT way.

The Cheat System Diet helps you feel better quickly, because it removes the stress and the guilt around traditional diet and exercise.

Before you buy the book, download a copy of our Free Cheat System Diet Cookbook by entering your email. If you like the recipes, you will LOVE The Cheat System Diet. It is currently one of the highest ranked and reviewed diet books ever written.

The Cheat System Diet works, and is a plan you can stick to. But we know that because of your personal years and decades of frustration, you are skeptical. So download a free copy of our recipe guide and see if you like what you see!

For nearly a decade, PEERtrainer -- a wildly successful online “weight-loss lab” -- has provided its members with the best information on how to be successful at losing weight. Now The Cheat System Diet, tested and proven by hundreds of thousands of PEERtrainer members, brings this expertise to you.

The Cheat System Diet is based on a simple list that divides foods into two categories: Cheats and Eats. Cheats are the foods we all crave (cookie, anyone?) and Eats are nutrient-dense foods. You can eat as many Eats as you like. And you start with a certain number of Cheats every day, then earn more by making especially healthy choices, like having a big salad before dinner.

With The Cheat System Diet, PEERtrainer founder Jackie Wicks takes all the information you know about dieting and gives you a proven framework to make eating work for you. Follow Jackie’s smart three-week program and you’ll find:

Learn The Secrets Of The Cheat System Diet In 21 Days For Free

When you sign up for the free Cheat System Diet Cookbook, you will also get access to a free program that teaches you the fundamentals of the system. The idea here is that we all know a great deal about losing weight and getting healthy. But we need help following through in an effective way.

The Cheat System Diet helps to teach you the EXACT foods that you need to eat to start following through. It also teaches you how to bring your stress hormone, Cortisol, dowm, which makes fat burning easier. We all stress way too much, and the Cheat System Diet helps to bring your physical and mental stress down.


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Experts Strongly Endorse
The Cheat System Diet

In this breakthrough book, Jackie Wicks reveals a food plan that won’t perpetuate the tiresome diet - stress - fail pattern. The Cheat System Diet gives you the template to lose weight without sending your hormones in a disastrous death spiral.”

–Sara Gottfried, MD, New York Times bestselling author of The Hormone Cure

The Cheat System Diet is brilliant! Jackie Wicks understands how the brain works, and how habits are developed in the real world. This book clarifies why portion control is so hard, and makes it crystal clear why her “eat” foods will extinguish hunger. This breakthrough plan is realistic, loaded with practical information, and will add years of health you your life.”

--Steven Masley, MD, FAHA, FACN, FAAFP, author of    
The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up, Assistant Professor University South Florida   

The Cheat System Diet” is a fantastic book for many reasons. Firstly, it works in a real way with how human psychology works...everyone is looking for a way out...and this book gives it to you...step by step. I love also that it relates closely to how the brain likes to function...without crazy effort and with significant short-term gains.  And most of all, it is really congruent with how the author lives her life. For anyone who loves food but wants to lose weight without their brain objecting,” The Cheat System Diet” is for you.” I am certain that you will not only NOT be disappointed, but that you will also be ecstatic with what you are allowed to eat while still losing weight.”

–Srini Pillay, MD


“I have been using the Cheat System for about a year and a half now, and from my top weight I’ve now lost 114.2 lbs, and I’m back to the size I was in high school and in my 20’s! The Cheat System is so easy to follow, and I love that there are so many nutrient dense “free foods,” and then of course just keeping track and being mindful of the cheats you are allowed to have every day, and the fact that you can “earn” back cheats by eating volumes of certain veggies...I also love how simple it is (I still use the program daily), and that I didn’t have any extra steps involved, such as converting the nutritional information over into a point system, and having to worry about a daily and weekly bank points…”


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3 Things To Know About The Cheat System Diet

1. You CANNOT FAIL on The Cheat System Diet. The word "Cheat" was used deliberately because we know that cheating when eating is NORMAL. This is a system that was built on how the brain works. Try it, and you will see for yourself. Start with the recipes, and then get the book to learn the whole system!

2. It Is Easy To Do. The PEERtrainer Cheat System consists of two lists of foods, and a simple incentive system. We want to keep it as simple as possible. We have done the work for you.

3. Opens The Door To Massive Transformation. A lot of people have made incredible transformations using the Cheat System Diet. But one thing we have observed is that everyone makes progress at different speeds. It is critically important. The Cheat System Diet allows you to go at your own pace. You can do as much or as little as you want. Feeling badly about yourself is not allowed!!

FREE Common Cheats and Eats Guide
When you sign up to get the free Cheat System Diet Cookbook, you will also get a super simple guide to common Cheats and Eats. And you'll be surprised what counts as a cheat. This is not your mothers weight loss system!!!

50 Recipes Are In The Cheat System Diet Cookbook!

  • Chocolate Decadence Breakfast Smoothie
  • 9 Spice Shortcuts That Make Anything Taste Great
  • 2 Easy Magic Fridge Salad Dressings
  • Magic Fridge Guide To Cheap And Easy Greens
  • 5 Magic Fridge Kitchen Essentials That Make Your Life Easier
  • Magic Fridge Snack Essentials
  • Magic Fridge Lettuce Wrap Recipes Inspired By PF Changs
  • No Fail Instant Access Protein Recipes
  • 365 Days A Year Soups That Work Like “Diet Pills”
  • The Famous PEERtrainer Energy Soup Recipe
  • New Weight Loss Shortcut Soup. East To Make, Easy To Eat
  • Mom’s Cook Crisp Gazpacho Soup Recipe
  • Warm Applewood Bacon Soup Recipe
  • Bottomless Tex-Mex Crunch Salad With Potato Chips (Yum!)
  • Italian Salmon Scampi
  • Japanese Sesame Chili (Easy!)
  • Hunger Blaster Indian Chile (Guys LOVE This)
  • Apple Pie For Breakfast Recipe
  • Mom’s Blueberry Almond Fluff (Careful This Is Dangerous!)
  • Yummony Lemony Hummus Grab n Go (Blended Yum)
  • The “I’m Not Starving Anymore” Spinach Dip (Fights Insane Man Hunger)
  • And More!!!!!


“Being a U.S. Marine…I only weighed around 150-160 lbs. Yes, Yes I loved the “Lean and Mean” slogan. But after being discharged for a disability, 4 knee surgeries later (2 on each) I let myself go and ended up at my heaviest around 250 lbs. Developed diabetes and fell into that “feel sorry for me.” Over the years I have tried dieting and failed, some would work for a bit and some I just didn’t stick with. I am now at 175 lbs. My doctor is very happy, I am off the shots for diabetes, and I am able to control it just by diet. Since I have increased my vegetable intake 10 fold from what I was eating it allows me to have my meat, hummus and others on the cheat list (limited the corn and potatoes, these were the only vegetables I ate 1.5 years ago)…Peertrainer’s Cheat system…is so easy to follow and it has helped me greatly. I have 10 more [lbs.] to go as I want to hit 165 and maintain it. ”



“I am a physician who was overweight my entire adult life until 4.5 years ago when I made a major lifestyle change following a big birthday. I lost 35 pounds using magic fridge, Cheat System, a lot of exercise and perseverance. I went from 165 to 130, from a solid size 12 to a 4 or 6 depending on brand. I now wear a bikini, do obstacle races, you name it. My life has been dramatically changed! I recommend the programs [Jackie] offer[s] to friends and patients alike.”


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