The Flu Season Is Here:

What You Should Know About The Flu and Why The Flu Shot Won't Give You The Flu

By Laurie Rothman, M.D.
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When should you call your doctor?
If you experience any of the following flu symptoms, call your doctor right away: a high fever, a persistent cough; think nasal, sinus, or ear discharge; bloody or colored sputum, sinus or ear pain; neck pain or stiffness; or shortness of breath.

What can your doctor do?
By discussing your symptoms, performing a physical exam and ordering lab tests and chest x-rays,  your doctor can diagnose your influenza and treat any complications that may occur.

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Dr. Rothman is a Board Certified Family Physician in Juno Beach Florida, specializing in extraordinary, compassionate, primary healthcare to family members 10 years old and up.