How To Make Weight Loss Permanent

Setting The Stage For Long Term Health

By Jackie Wicks, PEERtrainer co-founder
The best form of healthcare available is to create a body that is resistant to disease. A diet high in green vegetables, salads and fruit and an exercise regemin that gets you stronger over a long period of time will help you get this body.

But getting to this point is the hard part. We all know to eat better and exercise more. And most of us can start to eat some more broccoli and hit the gym. But how to we make these habits permanent? How do we kill off our old selves?

The reality is people do lose weight and gain it back. People get injured and the exercise stops. A new medication might throw everything into disarray. So a focus on making things permanent, despite setbacks, is critical. You accomplish this by conditioning your mind, and through totally reinforcing your good behavior.

Read the three articles, and think about how "bullet-proof" the changes you have made are. We don't often have total control over the physical reality of our life. But most of us can develop a high level of control over our mind and thought processes.

I am highlighting three articles that are focused on the theme of "making the change permanent." People lose weight on PEERtrainer, they improve their diets dramatically, the start to run, lift. All sorts of great and potentially life-altering things happen.

1. The first article is titled "How To Change Anything" and it goes over seven steps to follow that will help you make changes permanent. One can change anything, but it really helps to understand what exactly to focus on. The big message of the article is to develop new habits and then focus like crazy on reinforcing them.

2. The second article is on hypnosis and how it can help you keep the weight off. Hypnosis in various forms is highly effective in helping you reinforce new habits. It helps you focus and also relaxes you. And you can use hynposis for anything. We recently interviewed Matt Hoover who won the Biggest Loser a few years and he uses it to keep the weight off. (You can even use the exact program he uses)

3. The third article is on how often to weigh yourself. I am a big beliver in accountability- most of the time. To keep the weight off you need to measure.

Conclusion and Discussion:

Think about the things that you have made permanent. Make a list of them. And work at it. For me, learning how to run properly (very slowly at first) was key to this. But it took me time.

I also want to hear about the things you have made permanent. What are the things that are now a permanent part of your life? Please click to discuss!!

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