How Can I Stop My Weight Loss Self-Sabotage?

A Guide To Identifying The Patterns That Trip You Up

By Joshua Wayne
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It’s the same with your good habits.  They may feel awkward or unnatural at first, but if you remain consistent it will become second nature.  So start by focusing on simple, positive habits that you know you can execute consistently: healthy dinners, no snacking after dinner, taking a 5-minute walk every day, or giving up Ben and Jerry’s Heath Bar Crunch (or whatever your ‘pitfall food’ is- you know what it is) for just 1 week. 

Don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking about how you’re going to lose the full 30, 40 or 50 pounds, and just commit to doing the simple things and doing them consistently.

3.    You Don’t Believe You Deserve It

It’s also possible that you continue to sabotage your own success, because at some deeper level you still don’t believe that you really deserve the body and happiness you desire.  In a strange way, carrying the extra weight may be much more inside your comfort zone than being thin.  As unhappy as you may be, you already know what to expect in life- things are familiar and predictable. 

If this sounds familiar, then what I want you to understand first and foremost is that these are beliefs you either learned from others or created for yourself- nothing more.  You don’t have to carry them any further with you ‘in your suitcase’ than you already have.  Sure, changing these beliefs requires some deep reflection and earnest effort, but any negative belief you may have about yourself, your body or your worthiness as a person can be changed.

How To Change This:

The solution?  As you bump into these old beliefs start reflecting on where they came from.  Who encouraged you to think and feel this way about yourself?  Your family?  Friends?  An old boyfriend?  Or maybe you just created it all by yourself.  Regardless, the first step is recognizing these old limiting beliefs and being willing to ‘exchange them’ for new beliefs that help you get where you want to be rather than blocking the way. 

The truth is, you deserve all the health, happiness, positive relationships and fit, sexy body you desire.  You need to own that truth.  You need to fully believe this yourself and get out of your own way. 

4.    You May Be Scared To Be Thin

The last thing I want to discuss builds on #3, but I wanted to discuss it separately.  It’s possible that you sabotage yourself because deep down, consciously or unconsciously you’re scared to be thin. 

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