"I Need Help Losing Weight!"

Why Being Open Might Be The Most Important Factor

By PEERtrainer Coaching Team
This page presents a series of ideas that are designed to help you lose weight if you are looking for help in this area. Most importantly, these are the concepts that resonate most powerfully with people in our weight loss coaching programs.

Being Open:

1. The single most important thing we would like to communicate to people who are looking to lose weight is that you have to be open to new ideas. And you have to be open to new ideas because what you are doing or have tried has not worked to this point. Sometimes this new idea is simply an adjustment. Other times a new idea might be something really different that may cause you to be questioned by your friends and even ridiculed by your doctor.

Breaking Down The Silos: Diet Fusion

2. Get in the habit of piecing all your knowledge together in a way that works for you. At PEERtrainer we call this idea "diet fusion." Our observation is that all the weight loss companies out there want to put you on "their system."  Often, this fosters "magic bullet" thinking where people go from product to product looking for help. This approach usually leads to frustration. What you need to do instead is find "your system."

We work with a lot of people in a one on one manner and we are struck at just how different everyone is. Everyone's lives are so different and their challenges are as well.

The Power Of Belief:

3Work to increase your belief that the changes you want are really possible.  Read that sentence a couple more times, maybe out loud to yourself.

If your confidence is low because you haven't achieved or sustained your goals in the past, then start looking for little ways to build your confidence - and as a result your belief - back up. 

Some ways to do this-- do something completely out of the ordinary for you that pushes you out of your comfort zone in a healthy way (take a yoga, kickboxing or dance class - it doesn't matter, just mix it up), commit to a single simple goal for the next week, commit to a PEERtrainer team and religiously log your food intake (just knowing that accountability is there can be a great motivator), make a vision board.

Find The Best Leadership Possible:

4Get Support And Leadership From New Sources.  It might seem cliche to say "nobody can do this alone", and it probably isn't entirely true.  But that said, if you aren't where you want to be, then you need to try different things, and getting the right support (or whatever you want to call it: a shoulder to lean on, coaching, feedback from somebody who has succeeded at what you want to do) might be what you're missing. 

Look at it this way: it certainly can't hurt to move you forward.  This could even be finding a friend an making "a blood oath" that you're both in it for the long haul. 

5 Walk it out.  If you're the kind of person that spends way too much time thinking through your life (your problems, your weight, etc) and you find yourself frequently in a funk, then walk it out.  One of the best things you can do to get un-stuck is to get in motion.  Just go hoof it for as long as it takes to start feeling a more clear head.  This increases your heart rate, blood circulation, and it can improve your mood and as a result your motivation.  Sure, walking is good exercise, but also don't overlook how much it can help you mind too.

Have You Truly Decided?

6. Understand What The Word Decide Really Means. The root of the word "decide" comes from the Latin "decidere" which means to literally cut off. When you truly decide to do something, you cut off all other possibilities. You literally can become a new person-- if you decide to.


What To Do Next: If you are still reading this article, odds are that you are truly looking for help. This means you are open to new ideas and open to getting help. There are resources all over PEERtrainer. We can give you help with emotional eating. We can give you weight loss tips.

But if you want to be led, to dig in and begin the process of changing who you are, check out the PEERtrainer Point Of No Return Program. When you go to the page about the program, scroll down the page and make sure to read how people are responding. It is a powerful program.

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