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Leptin Tells Your Brain To Stop Eating

September 8th, 2012

By , PEERtrainer Founder

We continue to chunk things down for you. As part of a recent article on weight loss resistance by Jason Boehm, there was a discussion about hormone called "Leptin."

Here Is How Leptin Works:

"Leptin tells your brain to stop eating, but when your brain cells become leptin resistant, they stop "hearing" that hormone. You're more apt to get seconds at the buffet even if you're not hungry."

How Leptin Stops Working:

Not getting enough sleep can make you leptin resistant. Additionally:

"Toxins can also create leptin resistance. When toxins bind to brain receptor sites, they stop "hearing" leptin's message. Plus, toxins can interfere with your mitochondria, your cells' "power plants" that burn fat for energy. In both cases, your body's machinery can't do its job and fat burning comes to a halt."

Why Is This Important?

This is important because there are many things that go into losing weight successfully.

The more things you learn, the more empowered you will feel, and the less frustrated you will feel.

However, so many of us are conditioned to think that weight loss is nothing more than calories in, calories out.

We know there is a lot more to it, and our challenge is to teach you "all this stuff" in a way that is really easy. We hope this mini-lesson is helpful!!

PS: If you want to read the complete guide to weight loss resistance click this link!

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