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The Three Things You MUST Do To Burn Belly Fat

June 1st, 2012

By , PEERtrainer Founder

One of the things that we have been learning with our new look into the science of belly fat is that it really IS a slightly different animal.

Over the years we have heard that "you cannot target belly fat." Based on new understanding of the science, that view appears to now be outdated.

Here is an excerpt from a new article of ours that goes into some detail about how to lose belly fat:

"To succeed in the battle against belly fat, a three-pronged approach must be taken. The first and most important thing to begin doing is aerobic exercise. Second, the other causes of insulin resistance must be addressed.

Finally, stress must be taken care of so that cortisol levels don't run chronically high. Fixing one problem is certainly a move in the right direction, but fixing all three will ensure success."

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We know that a diet high in an array of vegetables can be powerful in terms of reducing and preventing disease. But there are limits to a high nutrient diet only strategy. We see this anecdotally, as well as in the research:

"Studies suggest that to lose belly fat, exercise is absolutely necessary, and diet alone is not sufficient. This may seem intimidating, but to begin losing belly fat you do not need to run five miles a day. Even a slow start is beneficial, and reductions in belly fat happen in a dose-dependant manner, meaning that the more you exercise the more belly fat will be lost."

This is why the work we are doing with the PEERtrainer Cleanse and JJ Virgin, PhD is so so so important. 

We are targeting the second and probably most important part of the equation here: insulin resistance.

According to JJ, when people go on the cleanse and start to pull out the reactive foods this:

"lowers the insulin response, which then allows your body to start using fat for fuel. And by reducing inflammation, we also improve insulin sensitivity, which then again,means your body can spend fat for fuel."

As you will learn in the article, insulin resistance and belly fat form a vicious cycle, and you have to really attack them head on, on all fronts.

Another good nugget from the article is this:

"Chronic inflammation has been linked to an incredible amount of diseases, ranging everywhere from autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis to heart disease and even cancer. Beyond diet and lifestyle, belly fat is a leading cause of inflammation, and reducing it will play a huge role in your overall health!"

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