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Why You Can Eat 12 Cookies

But NOT 12 Hard-Boiled Eggs!

April 11th, 2012

By , PEERtrainer Founder

This is an important article to read because it contains an idea that is essential to success with any form of weight loss.

Read The Article Here:

Natural Weight Loss: 5 Science-Based Tips You Can Use Right Now

One of the five steps is getting rid of carbs and sugar during breakfast. This might sound like a simple suggestion, but when you actually try doing this, it becomes a bit harder!

You will realize that we have been conditioned to consume grains and other foods that either raise insulin levels or directly raise blood sugar, which makes losing weight challenging.

If, on the other hand, you consume high-protein vegetables and some clean animal protein like wild salmon or sardines, you'll find that it is a lot easier to lose weight in an effortless manner.

The article also says that "If time isn't on your side and making breakfast seems a herculean chore, have a protein smoothie. Load two scoops of MediClear SGS with berries, coconut milk, and Medibulk. Bam. You're out the door in less than five minutes."

Good advice! Read the rest of the article and find out the other four tips here:

Natural Weight Loss: 5 Science-Based Tips You Can Use Right Now

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