How To Use Affirmations To Lose Weight

How You Can Train Your Mind To Help You Lose Weight

By Joshua Wayne, MA

Affirmations are a very popular strategy for assisting in weight loss.  However, most people don't know how to maximize their effectiveness and therefore don't get the full results they can from this powerful tool.  And yes, affirmations are- if done correctly- a powerful tool and not just new age hocus-pocus as some people believe.

What Are Affirmations Exactly?

If you don't know what affirmations are, they are statements you repeat over and over again to train your mind to create a positive outcome.  A couple examples relevant to weight loss are:

I am losing weight easily and effortlessly.

I feel healthy and attractive at my ideal body weight.

Here are 3 simple steps to make your weight loss affirmations 10 times more powerful:

1)    Run Your Affirmations Through All Your Senses:

Not everybody learns or processes information the same way.  The three primary ways people learn and process information are Visual (seeing), Auditory (hearing), and Kinesthetic (touching or feeling). 

Affirmations are by definition an Auditory technique, but that still doesn’t mean everybody learns best this way.  In fact, we all learn at least partially in all three ways, but still tend to have a clear preference.

You can strengthen your affirmations by running them through the Visual and Kinesthetic senses as well.  Instead of just saying the words, also create an enticing visual picture in your mind of how you will look when you achieve your goal.  Create a picture that is vivid and rich in detail, and gives you a strong send of pleasure.

Also, as you do the affirmation, imagine how it will feel to be at your healthy, ideal weight.  What does your body feel like at that weight?  How does it feel to walk or run?  How does it feel to move around in clothes that make you attractive?
What does it feel like to effortlessly burn fat?

Rounding out the affirmation experience with all three senses will more effectively train your brain to believe that success is possible and also to expect it.  Play around with this tool to see what works best for you.

2)    Be Consistent- Even If It’s Just 5 Minutes a Day

One major challenge that many people run into with their affirmations (or building any positive habit for that matter) is not being consistent enough.  They do well for a week or two, but then lose their focus.  Sometimes this is because they have unrealistic goals from the start, and think they must do affirmations for 20-30 minutes at a time. 

I want you to burn this idea into your head: consistency is more important than quantity!  This notion applies to both healthy physical habits as well as healthy mental habits.  Repetition creates habits, and habits create results. When it comes to affirmations, you are better off building a good habit of 5 minutes a day that you sustain for months or years rather than doing it an hour a day but stopping after 2 weeks.

3)    Take a Deep Breath!

Using your breath is one of the best tools you have at your disposal for self-improvement.  Doing focused, deep breathing relaxes the body and calms the mind, so combining this with your affirmations will make you more receptive to the positive suggestions, images, and feelings you are creating.

To use this tool, make sure you are doing your affirmations in a quiet atmosphere where you won’t be disturbed.  It may help to close your eyes.  As you say the affirmation, take a deep breath in through your nose.  Breathe all the way down to your navel, letting your abdomen expand before your lungs. 

As you exhale, smile and enjoy the image or feeling that naturally goes along with the verbal statement.  It’s that simple!  Every time you say the affirmation, repeat the corresponding breathing exercise. 

You may find yourself getting relaxed and going into a meditative state.  If so, just relax into it and enjoy.  Let the affirmations ‘settle’ into the deepest part of your mind.

(Caution:  If you find yourself getting at all lightheaded, take a break from deeper breathing for awhile.  It usually means you are not used to getting so much oxygen in your system, and you need to build up to it.)

Above all else, using affirmations should be a light and relaxing process.  It should leave you feeling positive.  If for any reason it stirs up anxiety, or you find yourself bombarded with negative thinking, just note it and take a break.  Maybe you’re working through a deeper issue, and this just isn’t the day or time to use this particular tool.  You can always come back to them.  The great thing is that affirmations are always available to you and they’re always free! 

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Joshua Wayne, MA is a Personal Development Coach and trained psychotherapist with an emphasis on weight loss motivation and mind/body wellness.

In his private practice Joshua has helped his clients achieve their weight loss goals, shape their life direction and resolve a wide range of family problems from relationship difficulties to out of control teenagers.

Joshua has a Masters Degree in Counseling, is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC).  He has also been intensely interested in and studying personal development, fitness and spirituality for close to 20 years.