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Have You Identified Your Goal Yet?

Comparison Can Help Pinpoint or Define Your Goal

While envy is a bad thing, comparison as an exercise can be helpful in helping you pinpoint exactly what you want. One of the challenges in setting goals is to truly define what you want. Some people say, I'd like to be thin, but what does that mean? Your brain needs clarity, a personal definition of what thin and healthy represents. Welcome the mind's natural tendency to compare itself. Your goals are no longer vague of "I'd like to lose 10 pounds". When you compare yourself to others, you get a clear picture and the mind starts to execute on that vision. Having a visual, a particular vision in your mind of what you want to look like gives the brain the exact target and goal. Once you know what you want, you are on your way to developing a series of motivating goals.

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If you are like most people, you know how to lose weight and get fit, but simply have a hard time following through. PEERtrainer was built to help you follow through, via daily logging and peer support. It is easy to get started--you log your food, exercise, thoughts each day. This takes about 5 minutes, and is a great habit to develop. You do this in small weight loss groups of 4 and larger "teams". The logging makes you much more aware of your habits. The group members read your logs and keep you motivated and supported. This tight integration of logging with free online weight loss support groups is very effective. It is also a unique and patent-pending process.

It is easy to get started:

1. You Sign Up. It is free.
2. Join Groups and Teams. If you don't find ones you like- Start One. Active Groups Fill Up Quickly, You Might Want To Start A Couple To Get The Perfect Mix of People.

Here Are Some Other Tips To Help You Be Successful