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2 Marshmallow Dieting

Learn To Harness The Power Of Patience and Discipline

Getting the body you want is a 2 marshmallow endeavor. What do marshmallows have to do with dieting?

Stanford University conducted a study with young children of the faculty there many years ago. They had the children in a room and the facilitators put 2 marshmallows on a table in the room for each child. Then they told the children, we will be leaving the room. you may eat one marshmallow now or you may have 2 if you wait until we return. The children had no idea how long the facilitators would be gone, but they had to wait until they returned if they were to claim the prize of the 2nd marshmallow.

Some children ate the one marshmallow right away, forfeiting the 2nd. The ones that chose to wait, did whatever it took to keep their mind off the waiting time, tapping their foot, looking at the wall, dancing until they could have both.

They tracked both the one marshmallow kids and the 2 marshmallow kids through their lives, through college. As you might have guessed, the 2 marshmallow kids were more well rounded, did better in school, better on the SATs, attended more prestigious universities. You get the idea.

The children who waited demonstrated the patience and discipline needed to accomplish lifelong goals and the same principles can be applied to your quest for health and vitality. Next time you're tempted by the slice of cheescake, think about the energy you'll have when you wake up the next morning if you pass on the dessert. Practice small doses of 2 marshmallow scenarios daily and build your patience and discpline muscle. Soon it will become much easier and second nature to wait for the bigger goal.

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