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Just Commit To Having One Good Day And Go From There

Falling off track happens and it can happen often. You find yourself at a party on Saturday night where you stuffed your face, the next day you don't want to workout. The you choose pizza and some coke to hydrate yourself instead of the water and fruit you know you should be having. Then Monday comes around, it's a stressful day at work and everyone ordered chinese and the free egg rolls came with your order and they were hard to resist. Now it's been three days and you're disappointed in yourself and on the fourth day, you start blowing the portion control to the wind. The important thing to know is that it happens to ALL of us. Even the skinny woman on the elliptical at the gym- we all get off track.

We all have one bad day roll into 3 bad days. And sometimes the 3 days can become three weeks. But you can stop the inertia of bad choices. If you have behaved your way into this situation and you can behave your way out of it. Think of the mistakes and temporary setbacks as valuable learning tools. And seek feedback from your group and team members.

One member of the PEERtrainer community that lost a 100 pounds with the help of PEERtrainer puts it perfectly, "you just have to have one good day. Don't think about doing well all week, or even the next specific event that comes up. Just commit to one good day." It's amazing the resolve that comes the next day, when you've been on track for one day. When you think about it, one day doesn't seem like a big enough impact to turn everything around, but it is. Just commit to having one good day, follow through and you'll be shocked at how that one good day, turns into three and even three weeks.

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