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Support Works

It Is Much Easier If You Don't Do It Alone

Support works and is cited over and over by people who have successfully lost weight. Who is around you daily? Are they supportive of your quest for a healthy lifestyle? Would it be better for them if you stayed 30 pounds heavier? Is your friend secretly happier that she's the thinner one who gets more attention? Is your husband secretly happy that you're overweight so he can hide from his own weight problem? This is a tough endeavor that is made tougher with people who don't support you, or people who want to support you but unconsciously make it harder for you. It's not realistic to leave your family or roommate or best friend if they aren't supportive of your weight loss efforts. But you can find people who will be supportive of your goals.

PEERtrainer is an excellent place for support; you can be as anonymous as you want to be and you can find others who are just like you. They haven't heard it all before, they aren't sick of hearing about your weight problem and they are inspired by you're determination to be healthy. Find groups that support your efforts and most importantly support the efforts of others in the groups. Be helped but also be an inspiration. If a group stops working for you, don't use it as an excuse to quit. Find another group; it might help you even more than your last one. What you'll also find is that as you succeed, others succeed along with you. Even your friends will start to have a salad eventually as they see you persevere. If you're a mom, your children will develop healthy habits that they'll have for a lifetime.

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If you are like most people, you know how to lose weight and get fit, but simply have a hard time following through. PEERtrainer was built to help you follow through, via daily logging and peer support. It is easy to get started--you log your food, exercise, thoughts each day. This takes about 5 minutes, and is a great habit to develop. You do this in small weight loss groups of 4 and larger "teams". The logging makes you much more aware of your habits. The group members read your logs and keep you motivated and supported. This tight integration of logging with free online weight loss support groups is very effective. It is also a unique and patent-pending process.

It is easy to get started:

1. You Sign Up. It is free.
2. Join Groups and Teams. If you don't find ones you like- Start One. Active Groups Fill Up Quickly, You Might Want To Start A Couple To Get The Perfect Mix of People.

Here Are Some Other Tips To Help You Be Successful