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Be Careful What You Wish For

Set Positive, Specific Goals and Focus on What You Want

A popular and well known motivational figure, Tony Robbins, often talks about focus and how the single action of focus can take you beyond what you think you can do and ultimately to your wildest dreams. When he was learning how to drive a race car, the real kind, on the indy track, his instructor would literally shout, right into his ear as he would drive, look forward, look at the road. Do not look at the wall, Look at the road and somehow, his body would listen and he would turn the car, and drive at speeds he never thought possible. This idea is well established- when was the last time someone told you "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it." Same idea!

You can apply the same principle with any sport. When you're riding a bike, or roller blading, don't look at the bump and think, is my bike going to crash? Look ahead. Look at where you want to go. Train your eyes to look past the bump, past the rocks in the road and where you expect to be and your body will take you there, safely. Try this right now: think of the color blue. While you're thinking about the color blue, do not think of the color brown. Don't think of the color brown, or even mocha or even beige which could be considered brown. Whatever you do, do not think of the color brown, keep thinking of the color blue. As you are reading this, make sure you only think of the color blue and avoid thinking of the color brown. Don't think of brown at all. Stop reading this and sit back for a minute. Did you think of the color blue or the color brown? Most likely, you thought of the color brown. See, it doesn't matter if you put a "Don't do this" in front of the action, whatever you actually put your attention to is what you'll get. Whether you tell yourself to do it or NOT to do it, the "it" is what you're brain is drawn to, not the qualifiers before it. Your brain sees the "it" and makes the "it" happen.

What does this all mean? Set a goal in your PEERtrainer "goal" section" and make it something you want, not something you don't want. Make it clear, concise and something that will make you excited every time you log in. Make it your focus. Give it a personal twist and make it meaningful and don't worry about the details of how you're going to do it. Simply put your attention and focus to the goal and watch how your body somehow "manages" to get there, just like the race car to the finish line.

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