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Saturday, September 9 
alester's daily log

 Last posted Mon. Dec 4, 4:51pm

Short-Term Weight-Loss Goal:
Lose 20 pounds (to 250) by July 17th. GOAL ACCOMPLISHED 7.10.06
7.10~250 (-20)
New Short-Term Weight-Loss Goal:
Lose 15 pounds (from 250-235) by August 28th.
7.10~250 (-0 / -20)
7.16~248 (-2 / -22)
7.24~243 (-7 / -27)
7.31~242.5 (-7.5 / -27.5)
8.21~240 (-10/-30)

Long-Term Weight-Loss Goal:
Lose 100 pounds to bring my weight down from 270 pounds to 170 pounds.

Short-Term Fitness Goals:
~Run 2 miles 3 times per week by June 19th. GOAL Accomplished!!!!
~Run 2 miles on pavement/natural surface by July 4th. GOAL Accomplished 2nd July, 2006!!!!
~Return to Running 4 miles on pavement/natural surface by August 14th (recovered from surgery) Goal Accomplished on 8/21--one week later.

NEW GOALS: Run a 10 minute mile on a natural surface (trail or pavement) by October 2nd, 2006

Climb 100 flights of stairs on the stairmaster without touching any grips by October 2nd, 2006

Long-Term Fitness Goal:
Run/Bike the Trail-Shark Duathalon over Labor Day weekend. GOAL ACCOMPLISHED! I finshed the race (mostly) injury free in 2:04:02

NEW GOAL: Climb the 103 flights (2,109 stairs) of the Sears Tower on November 12th, 2006 in 25 minutes or less.

my notes
I feel like I may be getting the flu. I haven't slept well in weeks and weeks, so it was bound to happen. I'm working on my paperwork to cap off the consulting job, and that's been very slow going. I'm off to see Sheryl Crow and John Mayer tonight, and then I have to go back into the city to do one more observation and coaching with 2 staff (for this project), and then I have to bust my butt on that paperwork to finish it up tomorrow. Ugggh. But, then I'll be done.


3 slices of pizza


cheese popcorn


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