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Wednesday, July 18 
chayo's daily log

 Last posted Thu. May 8, 12:39pm

To be fit and healthy by eating right, exercising regularly, and resisting (most of) the yummy temptations that come my way. At this point, that means i need to lose about 5 pounds, but i refuse to do that by being on a 'diet' - i don't want a temporary fix, but new habits that stick with me.

my notes
work, work, work, almost done with this paper - revising this morning!
then advising hours from 11-1.
then meeting with a student at 2 to prep a conference abstract.
then reading a student's most recent dissertation revisions.
then hanging out with the kiddo and swimming this evening.

52 pushups
102 situps
69 squats

Forced myself to do them before bed even though I didn't want to!

coffee w/ splenda and ff milk

grilled chicken sandwich (no mayo)
french fries
1 pint of Alaskan White Wheat - so good!

1 square of dark chocolate

undecided, and it's 9:45. I think I'll have some popcorn and call it a day!

okay, decided instead on turkey dogs and pretzels. definitely not a stellar food day!

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