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Friday, April 12 
debf's daily log

 Last posted Thu. Feb 11, 12:33pm

To focus on loosing weight in 10 lb increments as this appears to be where my body has drawn the lines in the sand... it wants to stabilize before loosing more at every 10 lbs ... with a final weight of 150 ( will re=evaluate then)

Juice , green smoothies and lots of raw foods. Limiting most starches

increase water consumption

regularly exercise ... either being more physical in general and/or planned "exercise".

Naturally control/heal diabetes

get thyroid & other autoimmune issues under control, or get healthy despite it... lol

my notes
two days in a row under 230 !! that's a record ... now I am sweating tomorrow, because we are going to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants that we only go to every few years because it is out of town ... only good mongolian beef in the whole area... ugh... been looking forward to it, now I'm worried about it ... sigh...

Plus was busy running son around today, and decided not to exercise as I have to be at work tonight, but it's already afternoon... but it isn't sitting right with me at all, so think I'm going to ride recumbent... don't sweat as much, but timing wise it won't require shower, make up redo & hair etc, a quick wet cloth will do the trick ... and still is "something" ... I like that my body is finally demanding I "do" something, used to be I could skip a workout without any sense of need or guilt !!

21 min recumbent ... interesting ... I think zumba is good ... I was able to do a faster pace by 2 mi per hour most of it, and 1 mi per hr the rest w/o feeling over exerted though I was definitely sweating ;o)

will prob get some walking time tonight unless we are dead at work. Got a lot last night ... really need to get a new battery for my pedometer to see how much I am really walking there... someday ... lol

16 oz breve
small thin slice of red pepper, spinach quiche ...
wow, am I spoiled... I like my own way better.

a banana


raw jicima
roasted sweet potato & cauliflower, dipped in ketchup

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