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Sunday, August 19 
deelady's daily log

 Last posted Tue. Sep 4, 8:35pm

I need to lose 35-50 lbs to feel good about myself, re-gain confidence, be able to be active, fit well into my clothes and look good again. Lately, going up the stairs and even moving around is difficult. I need to ge back in shape. I feel like a 70-year old woman. I hate pictures because I look so huge in them. I don't want to be afraid of taking a good look at myself again. I want to fit into clothes at any store. Right now, I can't even fit into a regular size 14 anymore. I want to feel and look good again.

A year later, I have made no progress and have actually GAINED weight. I now have 55 lbs to lose. Good thing is I am very motivated, which I haven't been in such a long time!!!

my notes
not going out or working out today, Need to rest as I was in a lot of pain after working out yesterday.

I have measured myself today.
Here we go:
Waist: 37.5
Hips: 47
Chest: 42
Bust: 38
Bas ventre: 42
Cuisses: 27

No workout, but some cleaning and gardening. Still a rather active day.


2 fried eggs, 1 slice of bread, 1 yogourt: 500 cal.



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