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Monday, January 14 
vildragon's daily log

 Last posted Sat. May 14, 1:50pm

50 States Marathon Club Journey
-26.2 miles + 50 states from HI-

#53 April 27 - Kentucky Derby (KY) Marathon (official)
#54 May 4 - Wisconsin (WI) Marathon (official)
#55 May 5 - Kalamazoo (MI) Marathon (official)
#56 May 17 - Fargo (ND) Marathon (official)
#57 August 17 - Run With the Horses (WY) Marathon
#tbd east coast double - September / October 2013*
~3 states in 8 dayz
November 10 - Marshall (WVA) Marathon (maybe)
November 17 - Philadelphia (PA) Marathon

States completed: AK, WA, OR, CA, ID, MT, NV, AZ, NM, TX, FL, GA, MD, IL, MO, HI, UT, IN, IA, TN, LA, AR, VT, SD, NE, CO, CT, RI, VA, NC, & OK.

my notes
Ate too much at a popular Indian restaurant. So good. Needless to say that I won't be back there again, due to $$.

Back on the wagon again.


McDonalds on the go:

2 sausage burritos
+ 1 sausage mcmuffin

Subway footlong chipotle chicken on italian herbs and cheese bread + cheddar cheese
+ Doritos nacho cheese


Some leftover spaghetti
+ peach flavored Greek yogurt
+ salmon filet

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