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Sunday, May 13 
eftr's daily log

 Last posted Sat. Dec 20, 9:02am

Get motivated: Exercise and no sugar will make me stronger. At least do it for that reason.

- Exercise (via running or gym) most days of the week.
- Pile the vegetables.
- Limited sugar and flour intake.
- Sleep for at least 7 hours per night.

Treat your body with respect to be healthy and happy. And maintain a sense of balance.

my notes
Happy Mother's Day!

11:30am: elliptical: 31 min/3.15 miles/355 cal
adaptive motion trainer: 13 min/1.15 miles/160 cal

8:15pm: Post-Chinese food walk around the lake - brisk 3 miles

7am: 1 small banana + 1 frozen peach slice + 2 frozen blackberries

9:30am: Mother Romano wanted McDonald's. So she got McDonald's. - 1 sausage patty + 1/3 hashbrown + 1 cup coffee with cream


5:30pm: (way too many) peanuts

- I got hungry and grumpy for dinner time, which was delayed.

7pm: Chinese food: 4 mandarin chicken wings + (small portion) seafood chow mein + some duck + some egg foo young + (probably too much) white rice
tea + 1 orange slice

- So. Very. Full.

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