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Wednesday, May 15 
grmakathy's daily log

 Last posted Mon. May 29, 2:49pm

I want to consistently follow the great food plan that I have developed over the years. I have reached my goal many times. However, I have never been able to keep off the weight indefinitely. I frequently struggle with Maintenance. I need support to stay away from that first bite of snacks/trigger foods which get me started on a food binge!

Revised Jan 20, 2013: MY NEW CHALLENGE:
2) STRENUOUSLY AVOID 12 C's: Cake, Cookies, Candy, Crackers (except the ones I deem healthy),Chips, Cheese, Cereal after bkfst, Cereal with sugar, ice Cream , eating in Car, sugar by itself (C&H), Cashews or other nuts
3) Three meals a day, nothing in between except fruits, vegetables, or other healthy foods to be determined
4) LOG EVERY DAY unless I am away from a computer
5) WEIGH at least once a week and log weight
6) Try to WALK AT LEAST 30 MINS.4 or more days a week.

I'm inserting this weight here on 1/6/12 because although I weighed this amount last August, I was ashamed to tell anyone:

August 2011 - 138.5

10/29/11 - 135
11/17/11 - 136
12/14/11 - 134.5
1/1/12 - 131.5
1/5/12 - 130.5
1/18/12 - 129
1/27/12 - 128
2/28/12 - 127
6/18/12 - 125 (goal!)
7/15/12 - 126.5
8/27/12 - 126.8

1/19/13 - 125.3
1/22/13 - 124,6
1/29/13 - 123.1
2/3/13 - 121.9
2/14/13 - 120 (that's low enough! Now comes the hard part!)
2/24/13 - 116 (probably because I've been sick. I worry that
I'll start telling myself it's OK to eat more, but I
actually wouldn't mind gaining a couple of lbs.)
3/3/13 - 115.5 I'm getting used to this!
3/31/13 - 113 I've been at 113 for a couple of weeks now. I
have been trying to gain a couple of pounds,
eating healthy foods.

my notes
Cheats 10.5
Marbles 9

Another very early morning. Some exercises but not all. Nice walk with Chester this evening. Our neighbor Lilian isn't home, and somehow he knew it and walks right by her house. Otherwise, he would drag me up to her door for a visit, which would turn into a long talk, which would end our walk because we would have to get home to fix dinner.
More exercdises before bed.

bran flakes & raisins 3

Wasa & mozarella cheese 2.5
carrots & apple


Out: fish tacos - 4?
chick tortilla soup 1?

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