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Thursday, July 19 
jessicaw's daily log

 Last posted Fri. May 16, 11:03am

115 is my ideal weight, but more importantly I want to get control of my eating. I'm now 120 and look a little chubby for my small size and frame.

Long.term goal: Develop a healthy relationship w. food--one where I don't base my day around my meals and succumb to binges.

Short.term goal: Need a new challenge! In the meantime: STAY ACTIVE WHILE ON HOLIDAY. Work out every day in some way and keep moving.

my notes
Barely slept. Anxious to leave the country for a month+ and just want to get there!!!

No times in this post as the time change will be too confusing!

50+ min dvd (Biggest Loser Cardio Max)

2 slices ww bread w. low-fat pb

Rice + veggies
Few slices fruit
Spicy tomato juice

WW roll w. tomato + cuc
Almonds and grapes
Blueberries + sm lf peach yoghurt

CLAMBAKE: Steamed clams, steamed veggies (corn, carrots, celery, onion, 1 red potato), Greens w. vinegar
2 glasses white wine

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