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Thursday, December 6 
jessicaw's daily log

 Last posted Fri. May 16, 11:03am

115 is my ideal weight, but more importantly I want to get control of my eating. I'm now 120 and look a little chubby for my small size and frame.

Long.term goal: Develop a healthy relationship w. food--one where I don't base my day around my meals and succumb to binges.

Short.term goal: Return to a healthy lifestyle after a summer of less than stellar health choices...

my notes
Finally feeling NOT tired after a few days of exhaustion (I've taken a nap every evening before dinner this week!). I've a short morning at school--leaving at 13.00--and then going on a walk and getting LOTS of WORK DONE. (As I'll be away all weekend and am returning to a 13-hour school day on Monday and then again on Tuesday--second round of parent-teacher conferences).

It's nearly 22.00, and I'm GOING TO

60 min dvd (P90X Core)
30 min walk home (came by car this morning)
70 min walk w. friend

2 slices ww bread w. almond butter

Oatmeal w. berries
Raw almonds--20ish
White grapes--big bunch
Hot tea

14.00: Apple
16.00: Grape juice-med glass

21.00: (Leftovers)
Steamed vegs (broc, brussel sprts, mushrooms)
2 beets
Fake meat bits
1 small sweet potato
sm bowl fresh courgette soup (I made for my bf's dinner and had to try it!)
Salad w. vinegar
2 sm glasses red wine

1 mini candy cane
Cola Light

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