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Tuesday, January 28 
jessicaw's daily log

 Last posted Tue. Jan 28, 2:23pm

115 is my ideal weight, but more importantly I want to get control of my eating. I'm now 125 and look a little chubby for my small size and frame.

Long.term goal: Develop a healthy relationship w. food--one where I don't base my day around my meals and succumb to binges.

my notes

1 hour gym workout (30 treadmill; 20 full body weight routine)
1.5 hours cycling (commute)

Soy yoghurt
1/2 green apple
Black coffee

Vegan stew with vegetables, sweet pot, ginger
Soft-boiled egg

4 chestnut gluten free crackers
Slice vegan loaf
Raw carrots
Green olives (10 sm ones)

Cauliflower soup
Salad w. evooo + balsamic dressing

3 glasses white wine

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