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Sunday, January 27 
lorelei7's daily log

 Last posted Sat. Aug 16, 1:33pm

To lose at least 35 lbs. this year 2013. (Hopefully by June- would be 1.75 lb a week)
1. First goal - zip and fit comfortably in my largest pair of jeans - size 12. IDK how many lbs that will be - but I WILL update and let people know.
2. To incorporate some new food choices in my diet and start exercising. Minimum daily goal is to walk at least 15 minutes(first week).
3. Be able to complete mudderling basic boot camp workout WITHOUT stopping. (before that- I want to be able to do regular pushups!)
4. Be able to participate in a 5K and complete it.
5. To be an inspiration for anyone who may need encouragement.


1/21 Started new foods today - went grocery shopping too!
1/24 ate a real, fresh veggie salad at home - no food out to eat.
1/27 doing really good on not eating out as much- dropped from 2 times a day to maybe 3 times a week!

my notes
WHHOOOOhhhoooo up at 8am to go do first half of the 3.75 miles!
Burned 376 calories - walking a little over 4 mph. (14.09 minutes a mile)

Second round of walking and jogging ABOUT 425 calories I would say.

7.5 miles, half walking normally- 1/2 powerwalking/jogging
1st walk = 4.24 miles completed in one hour. (10:15am)

2nd walk = 3.38 miles. TOTAL= 7.62 miles
TOTAL for SAT/SUN 15.18

coffee 60 calories - (who knows, I might have something more - since I am up early. :)

4 oz strawberry protein shake 160 calories

Potluck at church:
deviled egg- 64
3 oz roast beef- 59
3 oz mash tata- 100 Cal? didn't taste buttered
salad w/ dressing - 200
green beans- 20
8 oz MD- 110
TOTAL= 553

4 oz protein shake w/ banana = 220 cal - 4:58pm
48 oz water for day

going into supper time with 993 cal used for day.

Dominos Chicken alfredo bowl with mushrooms/chz 700
tea- 90
790 calories
TOTAL 1783

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