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Sunday, February 10 
lorelei7's daily log

 Last posted Sat. Aug 16, 1:33pm

To lose at least 35 lbs. this year 2013. (Hopefully by June- would be 1.75 lb a week)
1. First goal - zip and fit comfortably in my largest pair of jeans - size 12. IDK how many lbs that will be - but I WILL update and let people know.
2. To incorporate some new food choices in my diet and start exercising. Minimum daily goal is to walk at least 15 minutes(first week).
3. Be able to complete mudderling basic boot camp workout WITHOUT stopping. (before that- I want to be able to do regular pushups!)
4. Be able to participate in a 5K and complete it.
5. To be an inspiration for anyone who may need encouragement.
6. To be more disciplined in practicing keyboard. There are many components of a healthy mind- mine includes learning to play piano/keyboard. I have been lazy regarding this and making excuses at lesson time. NO more.(1/28)

1/21 Started new foods today - went grocery shopping too!
1/24 ate a real, fresh veggie salad at home - no food out to eat.
1/27 doing really good on not eating out as much- dropped from 2 times a day to maybe 3 times a week!
1/28 BLASTED through the goal above to walk at least 15 minutes a day. Did 15 miles between Sat and Sun

my notes
not sure about exercise for today. DID get sleep last night - was great.

biked 3 miles! First time using my bike in 3 years! right on!
HIIT workout only made 6 minutes of it... comprised of:
1 minute doing the following then 30 sec march in place, repeat:
Start standing- 2 squats then down to a full plank, knees to floor (for me- arm strength not good enough yet for regular pushup), two pushups, back into full plank, jump to land in squat - repeat...

another 1.7 miles biked.

coffee 45

2 piece bowling alley pizza ? 450
7.5 oz pepsi 110

4 oz strawberry protein shake - 105
carrots and radishes
cereal and milk - 300

beef stroganoff - 350
mixed veggies - 100


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