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Wednesday, May 7 
missbec's daily log

 Last posted Thu. Jul 7, 9:57pm

Develop healthy eating and exercise habits that I can stick to for life.

I went to see Dr. Fuhrman taping his new PBS program "End Dieting Forever!" and was inspired by the research he presented (some new, some older) about the connections between food and health, and also by the testimonies of some of the people present in the studio audience and in his new book, "The End of Dieting." My goal is to follow his plan and get down to my goal weight -- which is around 135 -- by the time I graduate in June 2015. Actually, I think I can do it by sometime this fall, which would be excellent. So I'm eating right and exercising more...stay tuned!

my notes

walk on the bike path: 2.8 miles

oatmeal with maple syrup and soy milk

carrots and hummus

peanuts and a few dates (writing is hard -- it is forced physical inactivity while the brain needs to work, and maybe I should drink more tea)

two brown rice tortillas with veggies and a little feta cheese
salad with miso-ginger dressing
peaches with oats and soymilk, cinnamon and vanilla (sort of like a peach crisp but not quite

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