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Hi Gary!
Long time no see... I'm making a PT comeback ;)
Glad to see you going strong!
yael, 6/27/2010 6:58:51 PM
Hi Garyp! Are you a member of a group or team currently?? I'm looking for members who are serious about logging and giving information that is actually helpful to those of us that need it. I came across your log and noticed that you are really dedicated to your health and succeeding. I am interested in joining a group or team that you are associated with. Thanks!!
jennmarie, 6/17/2009 1:50:15 PM
Hi garyp,

I noticed you left our group. I just wanted to apologize for not being around more and through neglect then, not being supportive. I wish you the best, and I hope you meet and keep your goals. Best of luck on your way.

Take care.
bcarrol3, 6/7/2009 10:52:55 PM
Hey there garyp, I saw your page and you have really inspired me. I started today on my diet and I think you are a great role model. I too have chosen portion control and cardio along with strength training as my methods. I currently weigh 320 pounds and I'm looking to shed 100+ and it seems like a daunting task. Any help, advice would be truly appreciated.

God Bless
Vontrapp, 2/25/2008 8:39:47 PM
Hey awesome dude! I just starting my plan and am using your progress for inspiration! Well done on your efforts so far...
shannonNZ, 2/12/2008 5:48:26 PM
You are such an inspiration to me.

I am 23, in college, and have lived about ten years of my life trying so hard to lose. I lose, i gain, i do well, i binge, a gain a few extra. It's a viscious cycle and I eventaully end up hating myself.

Could we chat? I have a few questions. You can find me on here as OCgirl949.


ocgirl949, 9/17/2007 4:36:33 AM
Just stopping in to check on you. 180!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are awesome!!
patty03, 4/9/2007 10:47:54 AM
Wow, Gary! You made it. Must have been pretty gratifying to see that 180. I'm still plugging along myself, but closer every day. Just wanted to say congratulations.
Hussy, 3/25/2007 11:33:55 AM
So, Elle tells me that you used the South Beach Diet to get things moving, is that correct?

Me, I started at close to the same weight you did, and I'm started day three of the South Beach plan.

Your progress looks good. If this is what I can expect if I don't give up, I'm very encouraged.

egruber, 3/20/2007 6:36:47 AM
Hey there, former Spotlighter. Looks like you're fully back on track and have that 180 in your sites. Hope class is going well this semester. Going great on this end. Never thought I'd be that relieved to be back in school! Anywho, keep it up. Glad to see you in the "success stories" section, too!
hussy, 2/24/2007 10:26:35 AM
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