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Tuesday, December 15 
sweat! it's what's for breakfast.

 Last posted Mon. Apr 18, 4:57pm

New goal 11-10:

-Lift weights (upper body) and do ab exercises 3 times a week for 2 hours

-Run on the treadmill between 6-8 MPH 3 times a week for 45 mins and lift weights (lower body) and abs for 1 hour

my notes
My New fitness philosophy...

Never again put myself in a position where I can no longer outdo what I did the day before because I will not attempt to try it tomorrow when I fail today.

Superman is a fictional character. 38 can be 21 on the inside but it will never be 21 on the outside. Baby steps B. All things in moderation. Press forward. Slow motion is still a forward motion.

The 45cm exercise ball is my new best friend. I am ALWAYS trying to find a better way to make my abs fry. Believe me, I have tried EVERYTHING. This is it. I need look no further.

Cardio and abs.

Green Tea
Banana with almond butter
nonfat greek yogurt
protein shake

We had a Christmas lunch today at work:

Grilled chicken
garlic bread
apple pie

Dinner is out of the question

Banana with almond butter


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