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Thursday, September 2 
sweat! it's what's for breakfast.

 Last posted Mon. Apr 18, 4:57pm

New goal 07-10:

- Eat immaculately

- Manage lower workouts with upper

my notes
Feeling so much better today! Started off with a good breakfast and back to work. Now if I can find time to catch up on the logs :) I should be logging full speed by Monday.

Upper Body and Abs

Oatmeal, Banana, Blueberries, Walnuts, cinnamon, agave
Green Tea
Vitamins and Salmon oil

Can of tuna mixed with Balsamic Vinaigrette
Raw food bar


Daily Rant
I am a firm believer in the gym... a gym outside of your house where everyone is burning fat. I have tried many things over the years to get the most complete workout in the quickest time. Running was a great high for me until my hip told me to cut it out. So I needed a way to burn fat and get my heart rate up and still tone my body. My conclusion... circuit training.

Here's how it works. Pick 3 exercises for different muscle groups. If I am doing upper body that day, it will consist of a bicep, triceps, and ab exercise. Find a free weight or machine that is heavy enough for somewhere around 15 reps. Once you are done with one quickly move to the next until you have completed all 3 different exercises. Then rather rinse and repeat a total of 4 total circuits with as little rest as possible.

Why does this work better. Because in order to burn fat you MUST sustain your heart rate. At the very very minimum 120 BPM. 160 is fantastic. The key to circuit training is no rest. Once you have completed this circuit pick 3 other exercises and do them just the same. If you can do 15 reps, 4 times each with 3 exercises and do that with 3 different circuits... that's 540 total repetitions (abs obviously more). You can do this in an hour. this would take at least 2 if you had to rest, but because you are using different muscles you really don't need to.

Here is the best part... when you work your muscles like this, you will continue to burn fat all day, even after you are long gone from the gym. Running does not work this way.

Conclusion... You lose weight quicker in less time and you tone your body. Try it and see and let me know if by 5 workouts you don't see and feel incredible results.

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