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Monday, January 21 
vildragon's daily log

 Last posted Sat. May 14, 1:50pm

50 States Marathon Club Journey
-26.2 miles + 50 states from HI-

#53 April 27 - Kentucky Derby (KY) Marathon (official)
#54 May 4 - Wisconsin (WI) Marathon (official)
#55 May 5 - Kalamazoo (MI) Marathon (official)
#56 May 17 - Fargo (ND) Marathon (official)
#57 August 17 - Run w/ the Horses (WY) Marathon
#58 October 5 - New Hampshire (NH) Marathon
#59 October 6 - Maine (ME) Marathon
#60 October 13 - Atlantic City (NJ) Marathon
#61 November 17 - Philadelphia (PA) Marathon
#62 December 9 - Honolulu (HI) Marathon (official)

2014 tentative

#63 January - First Light (AL) Marathon
#64 January - Mississippi Blues (MS) Marathon
#65 February - Myrtle Beach (SC) Marathon
#66 May - Cincinnati Flying Pig (OH) Marathon
#67 May - Delaware (DE) Marathon
#68 June - Hadfield & McCoy (WV) Marathon
#69 October - Wineglass (NY) Marathon
#70 December - Honolulu (HI) Marathon

2015 tentative

#71 February - Hyannis (MA) Marathon
#72 June - Grandmas (MN) Marathon
#73 October - Prairie Fire (KS) Marathon

**50 States Marathon finish!!**

#74 December - Honolulu (HI) Marathon

States completed: AK, WA, OR, CA, ID, MT, NV, AZ, NM, TX, FL, GA, MD, IL, MO, HI, UT, IN, IA, TN, LA, AR, VT, SD, NE, CO, CT, RI, VA, NC, & OK.

my notes
Putting the final touches to my upcoming trip in late April and early May. Figuring out logistics and what to do and see. Just a plan for the eating and sightseeing, but going to book flights, rental car, and a hotel room for a night before the Wisconsin race in Kenosha, WI.

Thanks to PEERTrainer brandva, whom I asked to crash at her home for the week in between KY Derby and Wisconsin marathon. Lately, I have been trying to just be more frugal than ever before. In my first 1/2 of my 50 states journey, it was low mid to low budget properties. But on the 2nd half, it's crashing at friends and MM friends' homes while traveling, as well as hotel room sharing with other MM whenever possible.

I missed running the Maui Ocean Front Marathon yesterday. I was a legacy runner, but not anymore. Need to save $$ for new states.

Something at home. Been feeling blah lately.

A few pieces of chicken
+ a bowl of Cheerios




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