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Sunday, March 24 
vildragon's daily log

 Last posted Wed. Oct 29, 9:35am

50 States Marathon Club Journey
-26.2 miles + 50 states from HI-

#53 April 27 - Kentucky Derby (KY) Marathon (official)
#54 May 4 - Wisconsin (WI) Marathon (official)
#55 May 5 - Kalamazoo (MI) Marathon (official)
#56 May 17 - Fargo (ND) Marathon (official)
#57 June 8 - Hatfield:McCoy (WVa) Marathon (official)
#58 August 17 - Run w/ the Horses (WY) Marathon (Official)
#59 October 5 - New Hampshire (NH) Marathon (official)
#60 October 6 - Maine (ME) Marathon (official)
#61 October 13 - Atlantic City (NJ) Marathon (official)
#62 November 17 - Philadelphia (PA) Marathon
#63 December 9 - Honolulu (HI) Marathon (official)

2014 tentative

#64 January - First Light (AL) Marathon
#65 January - Mississippi Blues (MS) Marathon
#66 February - Myrtle Beach (SC) Marathon
#67 May - Cincinnati Flying Pig (OH) Marathon
#68 May - Delaware (DE) Marathon
#69 June - Grandmas (MN) Marathon
#70 October - Wineglass (NY) Marathon
#71 October - Cape Cod / Bay State (MA) Marathon
#72 November - Gobbler Grind (KS) Marathon

**50 States Marathon finish!!**

#73 December - Honolulu (HI) Marathon

States completed: AK, WA, OR, CA, ID, MT, NV, AZ, NM, TX, FL, GA, MD, IL, MO, HI, UT, IN, IA, TN, LA, AR, VT, SD, NE, CO, CT, RI, VA, NC, & OK.

my notes
Size 32!!!! Size 32!!!! w00t w00t!! As some PT members know already on FB, I went to Walmart yesterday to try on a size 32 pants, just to see how much I can squeeze. To my surprise, I could fit in and button up and it didn't feel tight at all!!

Oh happy day! Glad I did lose 15 lbs since December 26 and on pace to try to secure a PR next month in KY.

Rainy day today. Cool conditions. Am I wrong to skip running today. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

+ can of tuna


Jamba Juice:

Original banana berry light smoothie

early dinner: Subway footlong ham on honey oat bread
+ no cheese
+ Lay's BBQ chips

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