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Wednesday, December 12 
eftr's daily log

 Last posted Sat. Dec 20, 9:02am

Get motivated: Exercise and no sugar will make me stronger. At least do it for that reason.

- Exercise (via running or gym) most days of the week.
- Pile the vegetables.
- Limited sugar and flour intake.
- Sleep for at least 7 hours per night.

Treat your body with respect to be healthy and happy. And maintain a sense of balance.

If you want a pick-me-up:

Weight goal to start 2013 - pounds in the 130's (reward @ 130: tattoo). Please?

I started something, if you feel like reading:

My 21-Day Sugar Detox: November 26th - December 16th

Yes - all meat and fish, eggs, vegetables, fats and oils, coffee and tea, nut milks

Limit - beets, butternut squash, pumpkin, green tipped banana, green apple, coconut juice/water, kombucha

No - corn, sweet potatoes/yams, white potatoes, winter squash (acorn, delicata, kabocha), pretty much all fruit, cashew, peanut, all grains and beans, refined carbohydrates, all dairy, alcohol, juice, rice milk, oat milk, soda, soy sauce, bottled dressing, gum, UPDATE: nuts/seeds and butters

my notes
Day 17: 21-Day Sugar Detox

Goals: 1. Continue with the sugar detox. 2. Be good to myself and not overeat at night.

I woke up a little full this morning, so a first-thing workout would have been nice but I woke up late. :/ Post-work workout would be nice though!

Cranky by 4:30pm. I didn't bring enough food to work with me today. I just want to be home...

am: 15 minutes total walks to/from bus stops

pm: 15 minutes total walks to/from bus stops

9:30am: black coffee

- Giving my body a little break this morning. Trying to drink A LOT of water.

12:45pm: 1 adult carrot

1:45pm: salad: lamb lettuce + white mushrooms + red onion + 7 kalamata olives + 1/4 very large avocado + o.o./balsamic vinegar

- I finally got a piece of my appetite back.

4:15pm: little salad: lamb lettuce + white mushrooms + red onion + 6 kalamata olives + o.o./balsamic vinegar, 1 adult carrot

I was HUNGRY when I got home. Needed a snack pre-dinner making.

5:30pm: even littler salad: baby kale/chard/spinach + white mushrooms + red onion + shredded chicken + roasted tomatoes w. o.o.

7:45pm: 2 butternut squash latkes (squash, onion, garlic, egg) cooked w o.o. + 5 slices crispy bacon (yup) + baby kale/chard/spinach + 2 spoons chicken sausage cooked w. coconut oil

8:45pm: 1/2 square unsweetened chocolate + couple spoons coconut butter

10:45pm: more spoons coconut butter

- Eek! Night eating is becoming a habit again! Even when I don't really feel like eating, I do it anyway. Clearly I was not paying attention to #2 of my notes. I will work on this.

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