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Tuesday, October 21 
eharvo's daily log

 Last posted Sun. Sep 21, 9:57am

current GOALS

1. Low carb- lean protein, tons of veggies.. sparing oil, etc
2. Exercise- walking and hiking locally. Mostly w. Friends. lovely! been doing this lots! So good for my soul!! Next goals here are to get a pedometer to measure my mileage.
3. Food- log it!
4. Spend TIME cooking. Lots of savory Veggie/lean protein dishes = a happy satisfied me... then I stick to my plan! And I enjoy food!
5. make tickers for my low carb goal of 12 weeks. (no weighing, DH has hidden the scale.. because it messes with my head!)
2 12 weeks sessions accomplished already = 42 pounds lost = approx 20 lbs/session. :)

Thurs =
Fri =
Sa =
Su =

2007 joined PT 220 lbs (post baby #3) got down to 188- see you can do it, girl?! Felt really good at this slim/trim weight! lol
2008 husband retired AF, moved cross country, got distracted. Weight up to 220.
2009 Started homeschooling, still in shock from move and so overwhelmed weight hovered @ 220-230
2010 Moved again... ugh...?why?! weight got up to 249.
2011 Moved again (?!really!?) Lost lifelong BFF, Grieved all year, horribly depressed and isolated this year. Weight got up to 265 (starting #4 pregnancy weight)
2012 Baby in May, top preg weight 299
2013 Another MOVE...(gulp)...more weight too! 270 most of this year
2014- the year she wakes up... the year she kills it. Its gonna be good!
- so far this year, have lost 42 pounds! As of June 28 228 lbs.

WEEK 1-12!!! killed it!!!! Did NOT end up weighing so I don't know how much I lost. I feel like I have lost 20-30 pounds!!

June 28 th first weigh in for the year = 228 = 42 pounds lost this year = it's a start. Sigh. So far to go still.

Session 2,
Week 12 weeks = done = :). It's going well so far.

Session 3: weeks 1-12
August 15th is a benchmark of sorts. Will be reunion ing with some buddies. Would like to look....Hot/Fantabulous for this weekend!! (Fingers crossed) ! Goal is size 16 for this weekend :)

Sept 20th 3rd 12 week session = started @ 228. Goal/hope is to be down 20 lbs = 208. Sigh. Sloooooow going. Meh.

Sept 20 - ???? 4th 12 week session. 188 wd be on the 12 week/20 pound type of time frame. Which seems to be how it is going for me. Sigh. TOOO SLOW!!! I'm an impatient brat. Slow weight loss pisses me off!!!

Session 5. 12 weeks = "should" be my last one. . . Start at 188. Finish at. . . 175! SUCKA !!

Would put me at approx. 175. So for 2014... that would be a total loss of approx. 95 pound loss this year.... Hmm that sounds pretty rockin to me!!

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