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Sunday, January 25 
grmakathy's daily log

 Last posted Sun. Jan 25, 12:38am

I want to consistently follow the great food plan that I have developed over the years. I have reached my goal many times. However, I have never been able to keep off the weight indefinitely. I frequently struggle with Maintenance. I need support to stay away from that first bite of snacks/trigger foods which get me started on a food binge!

Revised Jan 20, 2013: MY NEW CHALLENGE:
2) STRENUOUSLY AVOID 12 C's: Cake, Cookies, Candy, Crackers (except the ones I deem healthy),Chips, Cheese, Cereal after bkfst, Cereal with sugar, ice Cream , eating in Car, sugar by itself (C&H), Cashews or other nuts
3) Three meals a day, nothing in between except fruits, vegetables, or other healthy foods to be determined
4) LOG EVERY DAY unless I am away from a computer
5) WEIGH at least once a week and log weight
6) Try to WALK AT LEAST 30 MINS.4 or more days a week.

I'm inserting this weight here on 1/6/12 because although I weighed this amount last August, I was ashamed to tell anyone:

August 2011 - 138.5

10/29/11 - 135
11/17/11 - 136
12/14/11 - 134.5
1/1/12 - 131.5
1/5/12 - 130.5
1/18/12 - 129
1/27/12 - 128
2/28/12 - 127
6/18/12 - 125 (goal!)
7/15/12 - 126.5
8/27/12 - 126.8

1/19/13 - 125.3
1/22/13 - 124,6
1/29/13 - 123.1
2/3/13 - 121.9
2/14/13 - 120 (that's low enough! Now comes the hard part!)
2/24/13 - 116 (probably because I've been sick. I worry that
I'll start telling myself it's OK to eat more, but I
actually wouldn't mind gaining a couple of lbs.)
3/3/13 - 115.5 I'm getting used to this!
3/31/13 - 113 I've been at 113 for a couple of weeks now. I
have been trying to gain a couple of pounds,
eating healthy foods.
5/27/31 - 109 Since the beginning of May I have weighed between 108
111.. I think I should weigh at least 112, but I just can't
make myself eat sugar or snacks. I like being thin, but
now people tell me I'mm "too skinny!"

12/28/14 I have been averaging 109 -11o until a couple of weeks ago, . Our family has been visiting from DC, and I've been eating everything in sight. They left this morning, and now I am determined to get back on track. I usually weigh myself at least every other day, but I am not going to weight today. I will be back on the cheat system for a week (until next Sunday, January 4th) and on that day I will weigh. One snag in my plan: next Tuesday is my 75th birthday and our son and his family are fixing a birthday dinner for me, which I wil be eating. They are preparing salmon and a big salad, so I should be OK.l

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