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Friday, December 28 
jessicaw's daily log

 Last posted Fri. May 16, 11:03am

115 is my ideal weight, but more importantly I want to get control of my eating. I'm now 120 and look a little chubby for my small size and frame.

Long.term goal: Develop a healthy relationship w. food--one where I don't base my day around my meals and succumb to binges.

Short.term goal: Return to a healthy lifestyle after a summer of less than stellar health choices...

my notes
Missed posting one day. (Wednesday). I know I avoided posting because it was a day full of snacking and eating too much. I am going to force a back post NOW!

Happy I back-posted. Knowing that I have to log everything--no exceptions--is a useful tool.

30 min treadmill
15 min bike
Circuit training (focus upper body): 10 moves 3x

Oatmeal w. 1 apple + walnuts

15.30: (Out to lunch for a post-Christmas celebration)
Tapenade w. flat bread
Salad w. scallops (they were breaded, ugh) w. mango/ginger dressing dipped fork style
2 beers

19.30: (hockey game)
G2 Gatorade
2 beers
Ziploc bag of pretzels (that I snuck in)
Diet pepsi

1 glass red wine


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