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Monday, January 14 
lynneta6's daily log

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Eat clean
, Train hard, love life. be the most healthiest me possible and inspire and encourage others to do the same by setting a good example and raising the bar on a healthy lifestyle. by doing this I know I will reach my weight goal, but its more than about weight. its about optimal health.

my deepest Desire is to become the most accomplished runner I can be.. doing halfs and moving on to full.. partaking in dance classes, bunging jumping, ziplinig, rock climbing all while feeling comfortable doing so . living life to the fullest. I want to set a example for others and work towards opening my health center.
these are the steps I will take to help me reach my desires

Eat clean and live a healthy life.. become the person I am meant to be, but love the person I am now.

starting weight= 370

goal weight=135

Pre hospital weight-=169

169- will be over 200 pounds released

current weight=197

My pledge to Myself from BFLFW

I will give to myself as I give to others
I will value my heath as I value the health of my loved ones.
I wont ask should I or shouldn't I about matters of self care.
I will just do it.
I humbly accept that I must work to be the best me I can be
I will choose to work for myself than abandon myself
I will embrace adversity as an oppertunity to test my mental and physical strength

Dragons Quote
"But most of all, whichever of life's passions move you, get out there and make the most of it. Life's too short to pass it up. Truly live life to the fullest."

if you refuse to accept anything but the very best, you very often get it.

Breast Cancer Making Strides 5k- Oct 31

Oct 16-Baltimore Maryland 10 anual Half marathon- 3.44.25

Im ready to finish my transformation.. Im ready to change.. break out of my cocoon I have been in for so long and soar like the beautiful butterfly I was born to be. will you join me?.. we can fly together..

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my notes
a close friend of mine were talking today.. I am not going to say what we were talking about its not relevant, but what he said really resonated with me.. i told him practice makes perfect.. He said no practice makes habit.. He is so right. so what I took away from the conversation which started out about completely something different than health and wellness, but I turned it into something I could use on my journey.

Practice makes habit,. so if you keep putting something into practice good things like ex, water, and making the right food choices.. than eventually those things will become a habit..

so out of all the definitions for the word habit.. i liked this one best..

Habit- an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary:

so almost involuntary something you do without thinking about anymore.. doesn't that make so much sense.. so if you continue to get up everyday and put things into practice making it a normal part of your daily routine.. it soon will come a point that you don't even have to think about that action and it will come to you just as natural as you crossing a street..

you don't cross the street without looking because you have instilled it in you look before you cross the street its a habit we were taught.. so making good choices, drinking our water and getting up and moving can be transformed into something that automatically becomes involuntary if we just take the first step. which is to practice our goals.

2.89 miles


baby carrots
kale chips


huge salad with black beans

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