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Wednesday, October 30 
tweaknee's daily log

 Last posted Tue. May 10, 11:45am


My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

Weight Progress:
Green Stage:
7/17/2013: 139
7/25/2013: 137.5
8/02/2013: 134.5
8/09/2013: 133.5
8/16/2013: 133.0
8/23/2013: 131.5
8/30/2013: 132.5
9/02/2013: 135
9/06/2013: 132
9/13/2013: 128.5
9/20/2013: 128
9/29/2013: 126

Bronze Stage:
10/7/2013: 126.5
Brutal Week (10/13 - 10/19)
10/16/2013: 123.5
10/21/2013: 124
10/27/2013: 123.5
10/20/2013: 122.5

I'm 5'3" and pretty muscular and broad shouldered with a wrist width that would indicate at least medium boned. I'm in Rockin Bod, Christian 50+ glals, inspiring and perspiring, & was in Christian Women Unite! Recently joined Progress not Perfection, the most accountable and active team I've seen.

Strength goals: To be able to do a pull-up, and cross the monkey bars on a playground.

Progress not Perfection group:
(see group for "stages" definitions listed above)

Starting Weight for "Lead, Follow or Get Out of they Way Challenge": 139
Total loss for stage 1: 13.5 lbs

Evaluation: there are some ups and downs, it's not a steady thing. Exercise and weight loss do not always correlate. Eating 100% clean and weight loss do not always correlate. Starving oneself and weight loss do not always correlate. Eating more butter, coconut oil, red meat = weight loss.
Once I met my goal I tried the Harcombe method and dropped another pound (although it's back - might be water). Ate no fruit for a week on top of an already low-carb diet. Fat and protein do not trigger the fat-storing insulin response. Leafy veg carbs don't either. Will add fruit back in but limited and separate. I stopped counting calories.

Bronze Stage: (starting 10.6.2013)
Starting weight: 126.5
Goal weight: 118 (new goal -8.5 lbs, total: -21 lbs)

CR1: No food after 7:30pm
CR2: Put fork down and breathe between bites
CR3: 1 fruit serving max per day separate from meals

Continue exercise regimen of cycling to work (when it's not a downpour), or stationary bike (when it is), mountain biking, - combined 50 miles per week, walking, pushups

Struggling the most with not eating after 7:30pm. It becomes a comfort thing.

For Brutal week: nothing that is processed, packaged or sugary.

Bronze Stage Goal: Ride bike toward Seattle, take train back (~90 miles). Subject to change with severe weather. Pretty sure this won't be realistic in December. I need to come up with an alternative.

my notes

30 min lifecycle

7am: 2 whole eggs in butter
1 piece GF cinnamon raisin toast
decaf coffee

2pm - salad w/ sunflower seeds, cabbage, beet, pickled ginger, flax oil, apple cider vinegar
Carrot ginger soup

Pumpkin awesomeness (10am, instead of offered donuts)

11am - dried seaweed snack
4pm - 1/2 a sweet potato

radishes, cauliflower, pickled ginger, Bragg's aminos wrapped in nori sheet
more radishes and cauliflower that wouldn't fit

slow cooked LAMB back ribs with a ton of wonderful fat (the fat tastes a lot like coconut oil. Weird.)

I love my diet.

Raspberry candies I made. Recipe in community tab.

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