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Oh, and your weight gain during pregnancy was impressive! I'm 16 weeks pregnant now and trying my best not to gain too much. I'm not off to a good start!
lisa31, 11/18/2008 1:58:46 AM
Hi there! I've been reading your posts everyday, you're doing great. Hang in there! Have you been drinking enough water? As odd as it sounds, you need to drink a ton of water to help lose! Also, with how much you're working out, I don't think you're eating enough. I had that problem too. I thought the less I ate the better and the more I'd lose; however, your body is burning probably over 500 calories a day, you need to make sure you're putting those 500 calories (healthy, of course!) back into your body for fuel. There are a few websites you can go to that will tell you how many calories you are burning based on your weight and the activity you do. Also, there are a ton of sites that will tell you how many calories a day you should eat to lose or maintain your weight. If I could remember, I'd tell you, but I can't! Besides that, I think you're doing good. Don't get down on yourself if you have a treat or pizza or something. You deserve it and it won't kill your weeks worth of work =)
lisa31, 11/18/2008 1:57:37 AM
You're doing great. I hope you have a beautiful and healthy baby.
jardin, 6/6/2007 8:14:37 PM
I was just browsing the public logs and wanted to tell you what a beautiful pregnancy you are having! You must be due any day, right? I look forward to having kids, too....but am worried about gaining weight or being unhealthy. Looks like you've done a great job of staying fit. I wish you the best!
mymoments, 5/31/2007 12:58:54 PM
hey jack! we used to be in a group together...way back when :)
congrats on your pregnancy!
what a cool new stage of life!
hopefully it has been a good experience for you so far.
take care,
gaela, 5/1/2007 2:03:09 AM
Thank you!
jack31, 9/16/2006 8:27:50 AM
Congratulations on the new baby in your family! I'm glad that you are all so happy to welcome him! He must feel so loved! : )
tnt0617, 9/15/2006 10:18:12 PM
Thanks! He is so cute! I can't wait to start getting him all sorts of stuff! Only a few more hours and I can go see him again :)
jack31, 9/15/2006 7:35:47 AM
Congrats on your new nephew, Jack! Neices and nephews are the best! :)
oceans116, 9/14/2006 8:38:33 PM
I'm having a hard time working up the motovation to get out and run. I'm really not a night person, much better in the morning, lack of caffine maybe. I'm going to go get my workout clothes and shoes on so I'll be one step closer to getting out the door. UGH...
jack31, 7/20/2006 9:12:17 PM