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Member: peace
Member Since: 10/11/2006
City: Waldorf

Description:Wild ponies of Assateague Island, VA!

Jug Bay 10K 2009
Saint Charles Half Marathon 2010

My Goal:
If you don't like what you're getting, look at what you're giving.

To get something you've never had, you must do what you've never done.

To get what you once had, you must do what you once did.

Run for Kathy 5K October 10, 2009 - Done
Jug Bay 10K November 7, 2009 - Done
St. Charles Half Marathon April 18, 2010 - Done
Leatherneck 5K May 22, 2010 (not done- still injured)
Baltimore Half Marathon October 16, 2010 (registered)
Jug Bay 10K November 2010
Jingle Bells 5k for Arthritis December 2010
Resolution Run 5K January 1, 2011

About me:
Trying to get by one day at a time! I started running from scratch in March 2009 using the Beginning Running Program in the Runnersworld website after having baby #4. I'm married, 41 years old and have four sons: 16 , 6, 4, and a 1 year old.

Diets I like:
None! There is no diet, there is only eating sensibly and nutritiously. Anything else is a big lie!

Workout of choice:
Running, spinning (indoor cycling), swimming, heavy weight lifting, elliptical, horseback riding, pilates. In the future hopefully: running lots of half marathons! Eventually train for a full marathon

My plan:
1. To follow a half marathon training program. 2. Track and measure everything I eat daily. 3. Log all my workouts on Runner's World and Peertrainer. 4. Try each day to be stronger, faster, healthier.

I need the most help with:
Learning how to snack smarter, train more efficiently and safely for my runs. Trying to build lots of muscle without bulking up or overtraining. Increasing my distance safely! Patience with myself and give myself the time I need to heal before working out again! I also need to fine tune my caloric needs so I can perform in my runs but not gain weight. Not be so hard on myself and have fun along the way!

Additional Info:
The Pampered Chef Independent Consultant #623664 The Spectacular Summer Series will be starting June 2010! These classes are specifically designed to broaden your culinary skills by learning new cooking and prepping techniques while trying out recipes from around the world. For more information check out my website at: Or email me at: