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Member: umchicana
Member Since: 8/14/2008
City: Denver, CO


My Goal:
-To improve health so I'm no longer at risk for diabetes and other diseases
-To stick with Couch-To-5K program until I can run a 5K
-To spice up my workouts
-To lose 64 pounds and have a BMI in the healthy range
-To not eat junk food anymore
-To start strength training
-To stick to the South Beach Diet (started it on Sept. 18)

Start Weight (September 26th 2008): 181
October 3rd: 180
October 10th: 179.5
October 17th: 177.5
October 24th (30 days in): 174
October 31st: 172
November 7th: 171
November 14th: 167
November 21st: 166.5 :-(
November 24th (60 days in): 163.5
December 5th: 162.5
December 12th: 160 *made initial 160-pound goal
December 19th: 159.5
December 24th (90-day GOAL): 157.5

My festive challenge weigh-ins...
Starting weight: 163
Dec. 8: 162.5
Dec. 15: 160.5
Dec. 22: 158.5
Dec. 29: 154 *different scale
Jan. 5: 152 *different scale

My own personal challenge:
Jan. 7: 151
Jan. 14: 152 :-(
Jan. 21: 149.5
Jan. 28: 146
Feb. 4: 145.5
Feb. 11: 143
Feb. 18:
Feb. 25:
March 4:
March 11:
March 18: *Goal 135     The webs free Nutrition Calculator

About me: I am 29 and when I joined PeerTrainer back in August 2008, I had a goal to lose 64 pounds before my Aug. 8, 2009 wedding. PeerTrainer has helped me lose all 64 pounds. I'd lost 13 additional pounds but as of today, I've gained 25 back. I need to get rid of those 25 and then tone up so I can run faster, further as a lighter person.

Diets I like:
I like South Beach philosophies...but I'm no longer on the South Beach Diet...

Workout of choice:
I enjoy doing the elliptical machine, dancing, running and walking. I never thought I'd like running but the Couch to 5K got me running 3 miles every other day (at least) on a regular basis and I ran my first marathon in October of 2010. I LOVE the 10-Minute Solutions DVDs. They really help me.

My plan:
-To cut out fried foods, sugars, and fatty cuts of meat -Keep a food journal with pictures of me in all my fat glory. In my journal I have a page for my thoughts and a page for all my food -Weigh myself every day -To stop binging at night -To stop stress eating -To workout every day -Restart my daily food logging. I stopped doing this and gained this weight.

I need the most help with:
Staying motivated and being accountable. Not getting too overconfident and sabotaging myself!!!

Additional Info:
Doing my 9th marathon Oct. 20, 2013, and No. 10 in December.