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What Is The Weight Watchers Points System, How

Does It Work, Why Is It Popular, How Much Does It

Cost to Learn?

The Weight Watchers Points System is possibly one of the most useful and easy to learn tools available to someone who wants to lose weight long term. The system assigns point values to portions of foods. Foods high in fiber and low in fat and calories have low point values. And vice versa. For example, a medium Apple equals roughly 1 Weight Watcher Point. You can eat a lot of them each day and lose weight. A Starbucks Muffin might be worth between 6 and 10 Points. If you eat one of those, your day is probably blown.

You are assigned a target daily point value that you need to reach each day to lose weight. When you follow the system you are 1)incentivized to eat high fiber, low fat foods, and 2) you learn portion control. There is a reason Weight Watchers is worth billions of dollars as a company. The Points System is one of the main reasons. If you stick with it, you will lose weight.

Is is Worth Paying To Learn? If you have the money, absolutely. Go to a Weight Watchers meeting, or sign up with Weight Watchers Online. You will be assigned a target daily Points value that is customized for you, and they will help you design a long term plan to lose weight. For about $50, you'll be able to get started, and it is well worth the money, especially if you do not know the basics of portion control and calorie counting.

What Weight Watchers Does Not Want You To Know Once you know the Points System, and understand what your daily targets are, you don't need to give Weight Watchers another dime. You can go to their weekly meetings, which cost roughtly $13 per week, and get support from their leaders. Some leaders are very helpful and motivating, other leaders are less so. Many people swear by their weekly meeting, and go for years. But the key point of the meetings is support. And there are many lower cost and equally or more effective ways to get the support you need to follow the Points system.

What Is A Good Way Of Getting The Support I Need For Free?
You'll read about PEERtrainer's approach to weight loss support. Some people on PEERtrainer go to weekly meetings and log every day on PEERtrainer. Others only count their Points on PEERtrainer. Still others find new approaches that build upon the Points system. The key is finding what works for you, and being in an environment that encourages you to explore all your options.

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